Dr. Maria Burghuber

As your pediatrician:

  • I look forward to accompanying you in your development from the first day of life
  • I would like to be a contact not only for your worries and fears, but also for your joys and successes
  • I am offering long-term clinical experience, and the perspective of a mother of three

There are probably only a few professions that are so multifaceted like the one of a pediatrician. We observe, laugh, play, explain, comfort – and accompany families over many years in a relationship full of great responsibility and trust.

A visit in my practice should be a positive experience that combines competent medical treatment with fun and games. If my little patients leave my practice with a waving hand or a smile, then I have been successful on every level.

To my person:

After studying medicine in Vienna and completing my training as a general practitioner in Wolfsberg/Kärnten, I began my residency in 2007 in the pediatric department of the SMZ Ost/ Donauspital in Vienna. After giving birth to my three children, I earned additional subject-related diplomas and I continued my training in a teaching practice (Emory University/Atlanta) during my two-year stay in the US. Eventually I returned to the Donauspital as a medical specialist where I was in charge of the pediatric dermatology and hemangioma unit in the specialized outpatient clinic. My second area of focus is laser acupuncture.

I look forward to meeting you and your children and getting to know you in person,

Maria Burghuber

Dr. Maria Burghuber


  • Montag 12–18 Uhr
  • Dienstag 8.30–12.30 Uhr
  • Donnerstag 12–18 Uhr
  • Freitag 8.30–14 Uhr
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